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Flat Sawing
  • Flat Sawing is best for cutting horizontal, flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks and pavement.
  • IDS can achieve cuts of up to 33 inches deep.
  • Flat sawing can be used for providing expansion joints, removing damaged pavement, cleaning and preparing random cracks for repair and removing concrete sections for subsequent demolition.

Core Drilling
  • We use core drilling when precise circular cuts are required.
  • We can drill holes up to 60 inches in diameter for plumbing, electrical and HVAC installations.
  • We can core drill to almost unlimited depths.

Wire Sawing
  • We use a multi-strand cable with diamond segments threaded through a series of pulleys that is continuously “pulled” through the concrete.
  • No concrete structure or cross section is too large for us to cut.
  • We can use wire sawing for cutting in restricted and confined spaces.

Wall Sawing
  • We provide a track-mounted machine attached to horizontal walls or steep inclines.
  • Ideal for cutting precise dimensional door, vent and window openings.
  • Cuts to depths of up to 33 inches.

Soff-Cut Sawing
  • This is an ultra-early entry joint cutting method that allows joint replacement almost immediately after concrete is placed.
  • We can also use early entry saws for early entries that require a two to three hour set-up.

Demolition and Removal
  • We provide demolition and removal from the site in one turn-key operation.
  • Dumpsters, dump trucks, bobcats, backhoes and excavators are all available in gas, diesel and electric.
  • When necessary, we can also hand-remove debris from confined spaces.

Curb Cutting
  • With curb cutting, we can flush-cut parapet walls at a depth of up to 14 inches.
  • We use a horizontal ride-on flat saw for long and deep cutting to depths of up to 31 inches.

Hand Sawing
  • We have handheld hydraulic power saws that provide portability, speed and accessibility at construction and demolition sites.
  • Saws concrete pipe to the length desired and creates openings for electrical, plumbing and HVAC.
  • Makes cuts in floors, walls and ceilings.
  • Works in conjunction with a concrete cutting chainsaw to eliminate overcuts and to clean-cut corners.

Radar Imaging
  • Developed for geophysics, ground-penetrating radar is used by the military to locate land mines.
  • Archeologists use this to find voids in pyramids when they are looking for tombs.
  • This technology has proven to be very helpful to professionals in the construction industry.
  • Ground-penetrating radar enables the technician to precisely locate targets such as rebar, piping and conduit to a depth of two feet.
  • This service can save time and money with the opportunity to see what we see firsthand before we begin cutting for you. If you have any further questions or need additional information, please contact us.

Decorative Sawing
  • Decorative joints are used in the place of tile and can be made in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Once the joints are cut the homeowner or contractor can come back and stain the area to their specifications.

Control Joints
  • Control joints are planned cracks which allow for movements caused by temperature changes and drying shrinkage. If conditions are favorable for the concrete to crack, consulting with your contractor will determine what steps to take. You want to have an active role in deciding where it will crack and that it will crack in a straight line instead of randomly.

Mini Excavation
  • This electric tool will dig to a depth of up to five feet yet will fit through a 34” wide doorway.
  • These excavators looks like large toys, but they are a powerful time saver.
  • We also believe it will out dig any crew of six men digging in the hardest of subgrade materials.
  • It is powered by a 480 volt electric motor that conveniently plugs into our trucks’ or your facility’s power.
  • We have multiple bucket sizes that can be used to excavate large indoor areas where fumes would create a hazardous work environment.

Grinding and Planning
  • Diamond tools are an ideal way to smooth out bumps and trip hazards in concrete floors.
  • It is not unusual for adjacent floor slabs to have slightly different elevations.
  • Grinding concrete with diamonds is the least expensive way to eliminate these problem areas.

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